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Pairing packaging and equipment to support the demanding coffee industry’s need for freshness, quality, flexibility, productivity, sustainability, and innovation. Development of new technologies to align with sustainable brand promise challenges of coffee farmers, roasteries, and breweries.

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TC Transcontinental Packaging
TC Transcontinental Packaging has provided industry-leading, innovative packaging solutions for Institutional/OCS, Retail Ground, Whole Bean, and Single Serve Coffee for over 40 years. We blend art, science, and technology to create high-barrier, high-performance specialty and sustainable films, pouches, and bags to meet the needs of the brand owner, retailer, and consumer. Respect, teamwork, performance and innovation are the strong values held by the Corporation and its employees. TC Transcontinental's commitment to its stakeholders is to pursue its business activities in a responsible manner. TC Transcontinental Packaging is a division of Transcontinental Inc. (TSX: TCL.A TCL.B), known as TC Transcontinental, which has close to 9,000 employees, the majority of which are based in Canada, the United States and Latin America. TC Transcontinental had revenues of more than C$3.0 billion for the fiscal year ended October 27, 2019.

T.M.E. SpA
Manufacturers of leading-edge single-dose, modified atmosphere, and vacuum coffee packaging systems, T.M.E. SpA, is headquartered in Fidenza, Italy. Founded in 1982, T.M.E. Packaging Solutions has developed an innovative and complete range of packaging equipment to satisfy all coffee roaster’s needs from frac packs to retail bags, club size packages and single-serve solutions. TME also supplies packaging solutions for other products like, dry yeast, powders, granular and dry leaf products. Present on all continents, with 65 employees and over $19,000,000 USD in Revenue, TME is a high added value partner that supports its customers in facing their business challenges. Multinational companies, as well as craft industries, find that TME is an attentive and competent partner, one who is familiar with the characteristics and nuances of their production and delivers solutions based on our customers’ specific needs.

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